Can't harvest animals or using any equipment

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Can't harvest animals or using any equipment

Post by DomKiller »

Hi all,

It seems that the use equipment / environment key (standard 'E') is not working anymore; in terms of using tree stands or other equipment. Even harvesting animals is not possible; but the game itself seems to be OK - everything works well!? Only If I try to enter a high stand the game is freezing. Is this a known bug?

Setting the keys to default did not work out.
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Re: Can't harvest animals or using any equipment

Post by Bort »

That's not something I'm experiencing. My suggestion is you check your computer's free space. A computer needs at least 15% of free space on every drive to run properly. Another program running in the background could be effecting how the game runs too such as a security program or Nvidia's 'Experience' / ATI Radeon's 'Adrenalin'. Checking the integrity of the game files on Steam is something else you can do to attempt resolving this: ... -DA71-93EB
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