Bug report regarding harvesting during the Halloween Event

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Bug report regarding harvesting during the Halloween Event

Postby happyfeet83 » October 30th, 2022, 4:30 am

TLDR: If you get killed while harvesting and before you confirm the harvest, you can't harvest the animal anymore!

After killing an animal during the Halloween event on BRR (any animal, this doesn't matter) and I try to harvest it, if I get killed during the harvesting (waste some time in this menu checking stats, like distance, shot, score, etc) and I get killed before I manage to click HARVEST in that menu, I can't harvest the animal anymore (even if I respawn using MedKit).
The animal shows dead in front of me, but it's not harvest'able and no sigh of the dead animal shows on the Hunter Mate (even with no other additional tracks next to it).

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